Brand Management

At Identity Creative, we believe that looking after your number #1 asset is imperitive.  Having a confusing brand is always the enemy of any marketing.  We are to look after your brand and its message at all times.  Whether it is visual identity such as colours, typograpghy, associated imagery... or it's marketing message and does it all fit within your brand's eco system.

So having on going brand management is imperative. Consistency can be difficult to manage on your own, so Identity Creative offer several options in regards to your brand protection moving forward. And remember; consistency builds integrity, ingretity builds trust, trust builds engagement, engagement builds sales…

Some our key Brand Managment services are:


This is a comprehensive booklet for all of your staff to refer to before any internal-external communications. By always referring to this reference before a public-private interface, you can ensure consistency across your brand. 


If you don’t intend to manage your brand internally, Identity Creative offer on-going style protection, ensuring consistency across all mediums. Whenever you intend to publisise in anyway, especially concerning print, web and digital media (e-publications, apps etc), liaise with your contact at Identity Creative, and we will ensure brand integrity.


Stock issues and colour consistency can be assured with an on-site brand manager to oversee a print job through to completion, making sure colour and print quality is uniform.

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