Kiddimoto website design & Ecommerce


Kiddimoto Australia approached us to design and build their catalgoue and e-commerce website.  Since their was not currently an Australian supplier, we were able to design and 'Australian themed' website.  Using bright and similar colours to the UK website, we could mimic a similar look & feel whilst allowing to stand out on it's own.

You can check out the full website here

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Praecisus Logo & Website


Praecisus is a document categorisation and management system specialised for large document bureaus and for legal firms. Praecisus means in latin – Precise. By using the latest in Microsoft, .Net and Silverlight tecnologies, Praecisus is designed to help scan, tag, categorise all your large documentation into one easy use and find process.

The praecisus brand comes together from several arms of the business, and the new logo reflects that.

Our task also was to put together an impressive website to help market and showcase the business, as it's quite new in it's field.

You can check out the website here

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Lifestyle Billing Logo & Stationery



Lifestyle Billing Solutions Pty Ltd is a software firm that specialising in providing admin and billing software to the medical field such as anesthetists and medical specialists.  LBS approached us as they had been to other designers, but could not get the desired result.

We sat down with LBS and went over their needs, but also their strengths and weeknesses within the business.  As this type of business is fairly new, we provided some various options to work from.  We kept well away from any medical references so that it would allow the business future growth into other areas.

The circles represent three different curved elements which represent various administrative tasks, coming together in a neat, integrated solution.

Below are some stationery design options incorporating their new logo brand.

LBS stationery design

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