Brand Marketing for EcoLaundry

Written by Natalie Potter

Client: EcoLaundry

Project: Brand Awareness & Marketing

Task:  EcoLaundry is an exicting new product to the Australian market, EcoLaundry has been hugely successful in the USA. EcoLaundry is a device that plugs into washing machine and water mains, in order to wash your clothes with oxygen!  No detergents needed.  Our task was to take an existing branded product and introduce it to the Australian market.  We were tasked to design/build an E-commerce site for these products to sell, as well as create a buzz social media campaign to get audiences aware and talking about this product before its initial launch.   Afterwhich we will be designing bill boards, exhibtion stands, print / advertisting campaigns, as well as further social/digital ads to increase awareness and overall sales.
Started: December 2014
Deliverables:  E-Commerce Website, Web Design, Social media campaigns, Print Marketing & Design
Website:  Coming soon