Body Mechanix brand design

Written by Identity Creative

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Body Mechanix came out of the result of moving from an existing fitness franchise, to a new sole trader business. The name 'Body Mechanix' was already chosen by the client, and we were right onto coming up with new logo brand designs. Quite removed from the previous franchise, so there was no confusion, but also for the brand to stand out on it's own.

Below are some initial concept examples:

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The objective for this new branding was to incorporate either in icon or text format was the statement 'fitness, nutrition, perfromance'..  performance was later changed to health.

So our approach was to consider more angled type faces and logo symbols. The chosen logo symbol is representative of cogs, and cell shapes. As in building of cells, as well cogs/nuts all working together to form a well structured system.

After various colour selections, the client found that the yellow and black struck a chord with themselves as well as their audience. But mostly, in terms of their competitors, there were no other personal trainers that they knew of (and the research we did), there were no others. Majority had blacks, reds, blues, etc. All very common.

As per the examples below, the branding continued through new uniforms and shop signage. Body Mechanix always believe that to survive in a highly competitive industry is to be professional and reflect strong brand values for themselves, as well as to their customers. After investigating that there were over 20 more personal training businesses just in their local district alone, their brand had to stand out as much as possible, and stand behind it.

You can visit their website at:

Since their new branding and marketing strategies, Body Mechanix are continually going from strength to strength in not only their business, but also their marketing presence.

Here are some Final Art Images