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We love brands, we're passionate about brands, we build brands. 

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What we do... 

Need a unique look and design for your brand?  When creating something iconic, it needs and iconic look.  We design Brands that will draw attention, but be easily identifiable & recognisable for years to come.
Having a great looking Brand is one thing, but you need to develop it so that it gets into the hands of the consumers you want. As well as start to engage and tell a story to more and more people will connect with.

In order to unleash your Brand unto the world, you need to identify the right landscape and market space first – so we can prepare a strategy of how to get there and how to make it grow.

Have a great business or product brand but it is sitting dormant? Let us help spread the right message to your audience and get people talking about your Brand.

Once you have a great brand - it needs to be looked after, much like a great garden does. Let us monitor, protect, and contain your brand message and keep your visual integrity intact!

We grow & Nurture your Brands by...

BRAND Planning

nternal use - planning the launch of a new or development of existing business, resource allocation, concentration of efforts of personnel

Sound Strategies

No Brand can be built with out sound strategy of where the brand is at now to the road ahead.  Find out more how we do with the BEAM Method.

Focus groups & Market Testing

Having a great looking brand is one thing, having a brand that resonates with your audience is something else.  
We ensure your brand is on market when launched.

Get your brand known

Brands can be nothing if they are not heard.  We create stories and personalities around brand to help differentiate and resonate to your target audience.


We think outside the box.  But more that the design for what the market requires. Not just what looks good.  Our designs differentiate, resonate and communicate better to be on brand.

Brands that people trust

Brand trust is not bought. It's earned. And with our B.E.A.M. We ensure brands are on message, on values, on course to resonate and develop to a trust worthy brand

Lifestyle Billing Logo & Stationery



Lifestyle Billing Solutions Pty Ltd is a software firm that specialising in providing admin and billing software to the medical field such as anesthetists and medical specialists.  LBS approached us as they had been to other designers, but could not get the desired result.

We sat down with LBS and went over their needs, but also their strengths and weeknesses within the business.  As this type of business is fairly new, we provided some various options to work from.  We kept well away from any medical references so that it would allow the business future growth into other areas.

The circles represent three different curved elements which represent various administrative tasks, coming together in a neat, integrated solution.

Below are some stationery design options incorporating their new logo brand.

LBS stationery design