Introducing BEAM

At Identity Creative, we create and/or transform Brands - by helping them find a purpose that ensures differentiation and market competitiveness. We build brands from the ground up; based on thorough market insights and consistently apply measurements via sound BEAM processes- to ensure brand success. 

BEAM™ stands for "Brand Evolution & Accountable Marketing".  We evolve brands and provide accountable and measureable marketing and communication soluitions.  It's Identity Creative's own proprietary method to develop and build highly visible and successful brands.  

Our branding and marketing recommendations are based on strategic insights & thorough planning and are underpinned by our BEAM Intel™ - which provides intelligent, real-time measurements and performance checks to all stages of a brand's journey. 



At Identity Creative, we work as an extension of your team to provide; 

1. Strong brands based on market insights that ensures differentiation and customer preference
2. Sound strategies to take your brands to market effectively
3. Constantly measure your brands performance to reveal ongoing insights to maximise outcomes and success. 

We have several BEAM Packages - 7 Stages from Concept to Market and 7 Stages to Build a Highly Visable Brand. 

Does your brand need the support of BEAM
™? Call us today, for your FREE Brand Review - 1 hour coffee cosultation with Identity Creative Directors - Craig and Natalie

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Below is a selection of projects that we are proud to put our brand against.  You can filter by selecting the tags above. You can also find more on the coresponding pages of Logo Design, Photography, & Product Photograhy.

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Kensington Collective Brand Review

Brand Review poster

Attention Kensington Collectives!

We are hosting a one day only ‘meet, greet and brand-aid’ event for all Kensington Collective tenants only.  

With hello’s, refreshments and our best creative hats on – we’re offering a FREE 1/2 hour brand and marketing review of your business. 

All you need to bring is your current marketing either in print or web format for us to quickly review for you or better still email us prior for a more considered view.

Date: Thursday 17th September 1pm til 4pm.

This event is obilgation free. Below are some main aims of the day:

  • Introducing our team and our services and how we’re helping building brands to become more engaged with customers
  • Glance over your current marketing & campaigns.  Either online, offline or both
  • Discuss your marketing goals for 2015/16
  • Discuss your frustrations & ideas in the marketing world
  • Provide our insights and topline recommendations for brand and marketing activities

If you'd like to take us up on this offer, please insert your email and preferred time on the day… Use the drop downs below to select your time, and we look forward to meeting you. One or more representatives of your company are allowed to attend.

Should these times not suit, let us know and we’ll aim to catch up some other time..

Remember, this is obligation free!  And we look forward to meeting you.  

Craig, Natalie, Adele & Samir...

You can find out more about us here:

Get in touch...

You can find us in the old 'Young & Husband' Wool Sheds in Kensington. Now called the 'Kensington Collective.

Address: Studio 28 / 2 Chelmsford st. Kensington VIC 3031 – Tel: 1300 099 795